Partner Programs

Partner Programs

Enabling the growth and success of our partners.

Grow your telecom consulting business, with  unrivaled partner support in the Canadian market

Add new, recurring revenue streams to your portfolio – without commitment or exclusivity. As a Canadian master agent, we offer you a comprehensive suite of legacy and emerging telecom services to augment your existing portfolio. Whether you’re a VAR, MSP, Interconnect, Telecom Agent or IT Consultant, we can offer a partnership solution that’s right for the growth of your business revenue.


Access to best in class global suppliers and a wide range of innovative services.

The information communications world is evolving at an exponential rate. Architecting the right solution for your customer is more complex than ever and requires more than the expertise on just network and connectivity.

Business communications and carrier services are no longer just a ‘required’ cost of doing business. In today’s landscape, optimal communications services are a competitive advantage.

As a master agent, ITSS partners on your behalf, with innovative solutions from the world’s leading telecom carriers, cloud services providers and technology partners. Don’t risk losing out to your competitor just because you did not have the time to research and refresh your service portfolio. Partner with ITSS to add new revenue streams and increase profits with access to best-in-class global partners and a wide range of innovative services.

Drive Stronger Revenue. Improve Your Margins.

Working with ITSS gives you the consolidated volume of all other ITSS partners and our direct access to the world’s largest Master Agents/Technology Services Distributors, so you can leverage hundreds of global telecom, cloud and technology suppliers, without the need to negotiate direct relationships and meet individual sales targets. Our portfolio is our Partners’ portfolio enabling unencumbered access to specific “Best in Class” solution providers with established preferred pricing and complex solution design expertise to determine the best solutions for your customers. Post-sales support and escalation processes are in place with each provider to resolve problems quickly and effectively.

ITSS and our providers deliver the solutions and support you need to win the next big deal, filling up the gaps and augmenting your existing portfolio, where you don’t have the staff, expertise or time.

Become an agent with ITSS to get the expertise and support you need to stay competitive in this highly price conscious sector and win opportunities that were out of your grasp in the past.

A Master Agent that works for you.

With a whole army of internal sales teams and external agents, do the individual telecom and cloud providers actually have the time for you?

Become an agent with ITSS to get the attention and the dedicated support you deserve. As a Master Agent, ITSS gives you the priority.

From solution architecting to marketing to our automated quote-to-cash process, ITSS works tirelessly towards the success of its partners.