About Us

About Us


ITSS is a fast-growing communications technology service distributor (Master Agent) in Canada. With over 100 years of combined IT and Telecom experience, serving the Canadian market, the ITSS team brings the integrity you need in a telecom advisor.

Since its conception in 2009, IT Solution Sourcing Inc. has worked tirelessly to bring optimized solutions and competitive alternatives to its Channel Partners and its B2B customers. ITSS continuously analyzes and researches all available vendors and technology so our partners and customers can focus on their core business and never have to worry about having the right solution that will meet their evolving business requirements. Leveraging formal relationship with select national, regional and the largest Global Master Agents, ITSS offers a wide suite of “Best of Breed,” Connectivity, Voice and Cloud solutions.

Helping You Make the Right Choices for Your Business Communications


Telecom infrastructures can be very complex. Add to that the diversity of Canadian landscape and a whole suite of constantly changing technologies and it doesn’t take long for things to get complicated.

As your trusted advisor, ITSS makes it easier for you to focus on your core business by simplifying the procurement of telecom services for you. No matter how many networks you need to power your business, you only ever have to deal with one provider.

ITSS can integrate multiple services from multiple providers, multiple invoices, multiple points of contact for service and support spread over multiple locations, globally, and brings a simple unified solution that’s the right fit for your business.


Technology is evolving quickly and to stay competitive, you must embrace it. But how do you know if you have the that you have the latest technologies required to keep you ahead of your competition, or if it is the right solution for your business?

Are you sure you are optimizing your infrastructure usage, or that you are paying the right price for the services you have?

As your trusted advisor, ITSS utilizes our national and global partners’ vast supplier networks to continuously analyze and research all available vendors and technology options so that you never have to worry about under-utilizing the latest technology or not having the right solution that will meet your evolving business requirements.


Communications infrastructure is the backbone of your business. However, without an in-depth understanding of telecommunication, you may end up overspending on establishing even the most basic infrastructure.

At ITSS, our priority is You and your business requirements. ITSS partners with a broad portfolio of national, regional telecom providers to bring “Best of Breed,” Connectivity, Voice and Cloud solution choices at the right price.

ITSS also now partners with the largest global Master Agents/Technology Distributors that enable our access to hundreds of the world’s leading telecom carriers, cloud services providers and technology partners.


With over 100 years of combined IT and Telecom experience serving the Canadian Telecom market, ITSS Executive team brings the trust and integrity you need in your telecom advisor.

ITSS has a proven track record of successfully conceptualizing, procuring and implementing integrated telecom solutions for businesses of all size across Canada, the US and globally.

Reliable, connected and accountable partner – ITSS skills span multiple disciplines. When you partner with ITSS, you can get your focus back to your business and rest assured that we have the expertise and experience you need to manage your business communications infrastructure.